Wednesday, January 16, 2019

STEAM - Trash to Treasure

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We created a 
out of recycled newspaper


Build a house of paper  How to build a Geodesic Dome

1. Our dome requires 25 newspaper logs.  To roll each log, first unfold and stack 4 sheets of newspaper.  Set the pencil in one corner and roll up the sheets on the diagonal.  Us the pencil only as a guide to help you roll evenly; don’t roll the paper tightly around the pencil… When you’ve finished rolling a couple turns, sip the pencil out of the log, continue rolling, tape the log shut, then start the next one. 

2. Make 5 triangles, each with 3 logs stapled together at the corners.

3. Staple the 5 triangles together at their bottom corners.  Add 5 connecting logs across the top as shown.

4. Pick up the strip of triangles and staple the ends together so that it forms a standing pentagonal structure.  Staple together the 5 remaining logs to form a star.

5. Staple the free ends of the star to the junctions of the triangles on the base.

Join us next time for Family Style STEAM "Take Flight" Monday, January 21st.

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Want to learn more paper folding ideas?  click here 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

STEAM - Monochromatic Art

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Monochromatic Self Portraits

Monochromatic color schemes are derived from a single base hue and extended using its shades, tones and tints. Tints are achieved by adding white and shades and tones are achieved by adding a darker color, grey or black. Monchrome describes paintings, drawings, design, or photographs in one color or values of one color. A monochromatic object or image reflects colors in shades of limited colors or hues.

Supplies needed:  paper four shades of the same color, paintbrush, water, mirror, apron, and paper towel.

1.  Gather your supplies.  Mix the color in a small cup.  You should have:  main color, color with white, color with black, and color with black and white.
2.  Position mirror so you are able to see your face, while doing a 3/4 turn.  Place your paper in a comfortable position so you are able to draw.
3.  Use the maker to draw your face, hair, features, and background design.
4.  Start to color in your portrait with the paint provided, be sure to leave white in the eyes.  Keep in mind the light and dark contrasts to shade your portrait.  Color in entire portrait and adjust your shading accordingly.
5.  You can also create a second and third portrait, known as a triptych.  You may make the same expression or do three different expressions.
6.  Enjoy your creation and thank you for creating art with us today!

 Our presenter and special guest was Cynthia Shababy from our Rakow Branch.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

New Preschool STEAM Activity: Make A Snowflake

Make A Snowflake

Your child can use the magnetic blocks to make a snowflake. Snowflakes have 6 sides and no two are the same. Magnets attract the opposite ends of other magnets.   

This helps your child learn…
· Science skills (learning magnetism)
· Technology skills (using magnet blocks)
· Engineering skills (building a snowflake)
· Math skills (counting, shapes, and symmetry).

*To do the preschool activity, simply ask for the activity at the Early Learning Center desk. When you have complete the activity, return it to the desk and you will receive a sticker.

Hacer Un Copo de Nieve          Su hijo/a puede usar los bloques magnéticos  para hacer un copo de nieve. Los copos de nieve tienen 6 lados y no hay dos iguales. Los imanes atraen los extremos opuestos de otros imanes.
Ésto ayuda a su niño a aprender habilidades…
· de ciencia (aprendiendo magnetismo)
· de tecnología (usando bloques magnéticos)
· de ingeniería (construyendo un copo de nieve)
· de matemáticas (contando, formas, y simetría)

*Para hacer la actividad preescolar de STEAM, simplemente pide la actividad en el escritorio del Early Learning Center (Centro do Aprendizaje Temprano). Cuando hayas completado la actividad, devuelve la actividad al escritorio y recibirás una calcomanía.

Thursday, November 29, 2018


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Hover Plate

Using two Styrofoam plates, rub the backside of one with a cotton cloth and see how they repel each other.

Can Can Go
Rub pipe with cloth, lay the can on its side.  Hold the pipe lengthwise (horizontal) to the can without touching it.  You can drag it and pull it from side to side using “THE FORCE” or static.

  Stick around

Using a stick about 2 inches long, tie thread around it and allow to hang from the middle.  Tape one end of the thread to the inside bottom of the jar, leaving enough thread with stick, to dangle when turned over.  Rub pvc with cloth.  Touching the jar, move pvc pipe on outside of the jar side to side and watch the stick move away from pipe and toward the pipe.  It appears to “stick” to the side of the jar.

Bubble Trouble (tricky to make bubbles)
Pour small amount of bubble solution onto sheet of plastic and spread out using the wand.  Using the straw, blow 1 bubble onto the surface so it sticks.  Use pvc pipe to pull and drag across sheet without touching the bubble. Now make 2 bubbles on the surface.  Using the pvc pipe, try to divide the bubbles from each other by placing the pipe between them without touching them.

Dancing Balls 
Cover styrofoam in tinfoil and make a ball. Wipe polycarbonate sheet with cotton cloth.  Drop a “ball” on top of the sheet; use your finger without touching it, to move around polycarbonate sheet.  What happens? 
Add more balls under the sheet into the tray and place sheet back on top. Wipe surface. The balls will “stick” to bottom of the lid of sheet as you move your finger over the sheet.

Balloon Tight 
Blow up balloons, knot, and tie thread to ends.  Rub pvc with cloth and try to gently move balloons without touching the balloons

Pull wire through the cork lid then bend wire into spiral at one end. Push wire into a small piece of straw and spiral part to hold it in place.  Push wire and straw into cork lid.  At other end of wire, bend it into a hook.  Take 2 small rectangles of foil and punch holes at one end and drop it onto the hook.  Wipe pipe with cloth.  Move pipe around jar and watch foil “dance”.

Wingardium Leviosa 
Using plastic shopping bags, cut large circles from them.  Wipe pipe with cloth.  Rub the circle bag on your shirt.  Now toss bag-circle into the air and use the pipe to keep it suspended in air without touching it.

DIY vibration salt Chladni,

  Using a speaker and music. 
Pick a song with a lot of bass and have volume turned up.  Place the sheet of paper on top of the speaker.  Pour salt or sugar onto the paper and watch it dance to the beat.

This video is pretty good as a demonstration: